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Chalk Style Finish Paint

Chalk Style Finish Paint, Waxes, Finishes, Glazes, and brushes available in Waunakee at the Red Barn Company Store.
The Red Barn Company Store is Waunakee, Madison, and Dane County's exclusive retailer of Old Town Paints. 


Our paint has a silky, soft, matte finish that absorbs our Finishing Products easily for protection and durability.

It has been specifically created to be used in a variety of ways on many different surfaces including wood, metal, walls, floors and fabric.

It can be used as a wash, regular smooth paint, or can be applied thick to create texture.

One of the best bonuses… No need to prime or prepare prior to painting. This means no sanding, stripping, or priming. Simply clean & paint!

Usually only one coat of our paint is needed with our paint.

Our paint mixes easily with all of our Finishing Products too, so you can change the final finish to get the exact look you want to achieve.