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1803 Candles - 14 oz jar - Up on the Rooftop

1803 Candles

1803 Candles -  14 oz jar - Up on the Rooftop

Imagine Mrs. Claus baking cookies in her kitchen with a fire crackling in the hearth.  Santa reading letters by the light of the warm fire."

The joyful holiday season approaches and the children are full of merry anticipation!  Everyone gathers in the kitchen to prepare cookies for Santa's arrival.  The sweet smell of butter, brown sugar, cardamom, and clove fills the air as we cheerfully sing Christmas songs.  The scent of the crackling fireplace blends with our baked creations, and what a delightful fragrance it is!  Up on the Roof Top is a captivating combination of these cheerful and festive scents, all blended into one of our classic soy wax candles for your enjoyment.


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