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1803 Candles - Essence of Bean - Christmas in the Mountains - 14oz

1803 Candles

"While snow is falling in the mountains, memories are made baking in the kitchen. Each batch of toffee is lovingly wrapped and tucked under the tree." 

Heart-warming memories of Christmas spent in the mountains stay with you forever. Busy afternoons preparing holiday sweets is the best part of the day. Grandma teaches us how to make her buttery maple toffee and the rooms in the house fill with the scent. We are so excited on Christmas morning when we find it under the tree. An endearing treat, toffee is a favorite among all ages. This buttery, rich soy candle fragrance is an echo of those special, sweetened moments. A maple scent followed by the lightest touch of cinnamon is perfect for those cold, winter nights.

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